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Real Cause of Global Warming – Scientists Beginning to Understand what Yisrayl Hawkins Reveals from the Scriptures…

Yisrayl Hawkins … excerpt from sermon given 08/27/2011

… I don’t know if you remember the book or the booklet, the article that we wrote, that The House of Yahweh put out called “The Real Cause of Global Warming” [6/07 Prophetic Word].

Well, since that took place now, they have or they’ve formed a group of scientists that have really been looking into this and studying what is out there.

It says, The Effect of Clouds on Climate: A Key Mystery for Researchers… Well, this research just started a few years ago and it was after we brought this information on the firmament and how we have really damaged the firmament and how the firmament actually controls our food supply, the water supply, the air we breathe, the fruit trees that bring us fruit and the vegetables that come from the ground, all of that is controlled by the firmament that Yahweh made for man and it was perfect when He made it.

It fed the earth, it fed Yahweh’s People and He put man in the garden and commanded him through His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, “Guard this food supply”.

Now, that is the Message you see there of the Kingdom. And that’s the Message Yahshua wants you to learn first and says you’ve got to learn this first, then all this other will be added to you…

… Back to the clouds now. The Effect of Clouds on Climate: A Key Mystery for Researchers. As climate scientists… More than one …wrestle with the complexities of how the planet will react to rising greenhouse-gas levels, no variable is more difficult to decipher than the impact of clouds…

It’s hard to figure out the clouds. Well, we’ve told them what forms the clouds. We’ve told them. We’ve already brought that information to them that Yahweh created it, it’s there and Yahweh can send it or He can withdraw it. He can withdraw the rain or He can send the rain. He sends it on the just and the unjust alike, He says, which means He sends it.

How does He send it?

He’s given command to the firmament that He created and that firmament on its own will not change. There’s no changing it, that is, in itself, but you can see; it’s like a city that is loyal to certain Laws of Yahweh and then it would not change on its own, but here comes a roman army into it and the threats and the killings and the murders and so forth change it.

That’s what we have done to our atmosphere and the scientists now are trying to figure out, well what is it that’s doing this? How do we go about doing something else? How do we give the clouds a shot or a band-aid? How do we put a band-aid on a cloud? How do we give it a vaccine? Well, it’s a little bit hard with that way of thinking.

…But thanks to new satellite data and other technologies, clues are emerging that may help solve the puzzle. Earth’s climate is a complex, interrelated system involving the land, atmosphere, biosphere, and oceans…

So you see, they’re getting closer to understanding what Yahweh actually created and then, if they would go, and I think they’re using our articles, this is what clued them into studying this in the first place.

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