Listening to the news today can be disturbing and oftentimes, confusing. Why did this occur? How can this be happening in a civilized world? Why can’t we simply get along? If these and similar thoughts have run through your mind then this website recognizes the genuine concern you have for the world at large.

News should provide us with much needed information. We are looking for the facts – not opinions or suppositions. The complexity and nature of the countless problems that assail us each and every day demand answers. What conclusions can and should we draw from today’s frustrating events?

Do you sense the dilemmas are generally worsening overall? Things getting out of hand – this is too close to our homes, too close to our schools and jobs. Our neighborhoods are suffering terribly but wait – so are those from other countries all around the world.

Thankfully, this website will help you make sense of it all. Yisrayl Hawkins has a much needed, revitalising way of addressing today’s complex world. He brings “honesty” and a “breath of fresh air” to the table that allows everyone the opportunity to take a moment, to consider, and to reflect on humanity and the struggles we all face today.

You’ll find his message is clear, uncomplicated, and to the point. Yes, it is possible to understand the events that unfold today if we take the time to listen to the voice of reason in the words spoken by Yisrayl Hawkins.
He provides a glimpse of how things could be if we would all – slow down, think matters through, consider all the options and move ahead with kindness and consideration as the first and best choice.

Retaliation, accusations, vindication and the like have no place in a peaceful world. The time is upon us to consider our own actions – what we can do to begin the process of restoring health, joy and full abundant living for all to enjoy.

What you may find of particular interest is that Yisrayl Hawkins presents facts before the facts come out in the news. He is well known for bringing out startling answers to the questions we have, which later are confirmed by scientific and other distinguished communities. The real cause of global warming for instance will have you sitting back in amazement – could this be true? Yes, and there comes the proof that most of the world shies away from.

Never boring, always enlightening, you’ll find yourself unwittingly yearning to learn more and more from the vast storehouse of knowledge this informative man freely brings to his audiences.

So take a look at our articles and discover the news like you’ve never heard it before..

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